My soul thrives on music.

Whether it is the 396Hz cleansing vibrations in the background, or the music and lyrics of a Coke Studio number. I wake up to a powerful, energising tone and sleep to a Spotify sleep playlist. I live to have experiences of music that may or may not be combined with my love for any of the other immersion genres.


Being a digital consultant, I also use alot of concentration music to keep myself at the top of my game while running my campaigns. This page is dedicated to a my love for music that can inspire, arouse, awaken, adore, and ascertain every single time you need any of those emotions.

Do you have experiences you'd like to share that were transformational and involved music?

I created this playlist out of some of my all-time favourites. It's easy to get hooked to music with a list like this. From me to you....enjoy!

This list is for my forever-love, my soulmate, the place that gives me peace - Himachal Pradesh!

The high road is what you'll take when you listen to this list! Trip, trip, trip with this one y'll!

My Experiences With Music

A Date with Floyd

MY COVID-19 Response (2020): 

An at-home dinner date with Pink Floyd and a friend

Music Concert
Rhythm and Blues


An Impromtu trip from Cheog to Kasauli for the Rhythm and Blues Music Festival

Indian Ocean Live


A night of three special reveals by Indian Ocean

Music Room
Dilemmas None


Having my love song, Dilemmas None, produced by Sunset Boulevard

Music Notes
The PKIC Anthem


The Quirkiest Employee Engagement Workshop: Protiviti India's Anthem in my voice

Female Music Artist