Digital Marketing

My recommendations of 75% free study material that will make you a full-stack digital marketing professional. 

When I started my career with digital marketing, it was in the role of an Account Executive for the IBM India brand at Ogilvy and Mather, Bengaluru. With no background in marketing, except a few research papers, I built my knowledge on the job, working with a very forward-thinking, tech brand. With no formal training, however, what I learnt the hard way over 6 years, is captured in this list for you to start your digital marketing journey.

As a basic rule, you need to know all the following skills to become an efficient digital marketer, and you must have effectively excelled in at least 2 of these:

Social Media Marketing

 PPC   Advertising

Email Marketing   Fundraising 

Content Marketing

Website Development

Here are the resources you can use to learn these:

  • Marketing 4.0 by Philip Kotler


Kotler has built his brand as the go-to marketing academic, who is well-known in the MBA universe, however, unlike his other books, Marketing 4.0 is your pre-cursor to all things digital. It gives you a fantastic overview of everything that entails digital marketing with relevant case studies from across the world, and is best consumed as a 5-hour audiobook, with a scribble-pad to make notes.


Free if you buy the Audible subscription, and use the one Credit you get with it to purchase this book. Browse the library for multiple free audiobooks and podcast that come with the subscription to make the most of it.


  • Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads provides certificates in Display, Search, Measurement, Video, Shopping and Apps which entails the entire suite of services Google offers in order to run ads successfully on it’s platform. For any beginner, these are great to understand the possibilities with ads, and then to graduate to more advanced level training.

Free and comes with shareable certificates

  • Udemy Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2020

This course is given in conjunction with Coursenvy and is great to not just get a introduction to Facebook for businesses, but also to get targeted and cheap advertising tricks that can be used to master Facebook Ads.


INR 525 which is pretty worth the price.


If you under-estimate the power of viral marketing, this course will definitely change your point of view. Created by professors from Wharton, this course is great to learn why certain ideas stick on while other languish.


Free on the Audit track


  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing


A quick and easy course to get an understanding of the marketing funnel and learn the core tactics of inbound marketing.


Free and comes with shareable certificates



No digital marketing stack is complete without knowledge of SEO and this course is great to start with and learn how to conduct and on-page SEO analysis to have your website rank high up in on various search engines.


Free on the Audit track

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool used across the world. One reason for that is that it is completely free for the first 2000 contacts. This course is for those wanting a hands-on experience with an email marketing tool that teaches setting up emails and forms, subscriber management and testing.


Free during the trial month


This one’s my favourite of the list of courses. While this is not necessarily a beginner level course, it is the most valuable in order to get the best out of your marketing buck. It introduces you to tools and technique that are tested in a structured manner. Perhaps the best growth marketing course I’ve come across.


INR 2274 with certificate


Do you have any courses in mind that you think are worth sharing? Write to me. I’ll audit them, and add them as your recommendations.