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Control your feed

Several thoughts come to mind when you spend those hours on Instagram. 

  1. How do these ads know what I was thinking about?

  2. Wow. It's surprising to see this person grow so much.

  3. I didn't see that coming at all.

  4. I should probably think about growing my followers.


But most importantly, 

Am I good enough? Am I doing enough with my life? 

OR better so:

Am I socially relevant?


I'm not here to discuss whether or not these thoughts are right, since your context and mine could be very different. But I'm here to talk about how it has the ability to shape your thinking in the long run.


DM forwards from friends, Insta-story scrolls, those silent nudges to follow pages that post random content everyday and more so, tend to shape your feed on Instagram. 


How many of those pages do you follow while mindfully thinking about the impact it could have on your day. IF ONLY INSTAGRAM HAD MODES TO SWITCH BETWEEN! Say you had a bad day and want to unwind with funny jokes, switch to that mode and see the content of all the funny pages you follow; or if you want to watch movie recommendations today, let it show you the @Netflixes of the world. 

My current feed is full of pages that feed my soul, that motivate me on a bad day and humble me on a good one, that inspire me to travel and write and have faith in my ability. It's important to define the purpose of the channel for yourself and have a roadmap to success, as you see it.

Let the channel be an enabler in the process and not a detractor. Here's what you can do:

  1. Assess your feed and the amount of time you spend on the channel for a week. 

  2. Define what your objective is to follow the channel, and how much time you'd like to spend on each of those objectives. Keep them limited to 4-5 to avoid clutter on your feed and in your mind. You can refresh them at a later stage.

  3. Follow pages that are relevant to your objective. For instance, if you are entrepreneurial and would like to build on your growth mindset, follow pages such as @Foundr, if you want this to be a channel for positive motivation, follow pages such as @positivemindsetdaily, if you want to stay on top of funny marketing one-liners, follow pages like @MadOverMarketing, not just to see the feed of these pages but also let the Instagram algorithm suggest similar pages to follow.  ​

  4. Following hashtags is a great way to populate your feed that way you want to. If it matters to you, go search the keyword in Insta and follow it. Some of my favourite hashtags are #womeninbusiness, #travelingram, #peoplewhohike etc.

  5. Follow a limited number of influencers who are basis your objective and take their advice with a pinch of salt. Remember that you don't know their struggle, you only know the result of that. The thing about influencers is that they tend to make everything look achievable. So while you find strength in their achievements, dont forget your own struggles and achieve a more balanced goal that suits your life.

Use the gram as a platform to carve out your path to success, to happiness and to fulfillment as you see it. Control your feed, and don't let it control your mindset.​ Do you agree?