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Trading Fashion Sustainability on the Dark Web

What I know of the dark web, is primarily through an audiobook on Audible, an Amazon Company, and it’s a mix of perspectives, good and bad. The dark web has a parallel and circular world economy running through a bunch of codes, which unfortunately is being used primarily to put structure to and automate illegal businesses. In essence, it creates a flow of resources from the current world economy, that get pumped into Bitcoin Mining, which effectively create value in the dark web economy, further pumping goods back into real world around us. The dark web is essentially that part of the ice-berg that lies beneath the surface, yet is in control of a considerable chunk of the resources.

In my opinion, even as an optimist, there is no way to shut down this parallel economy. There is, however, a way to use it for good. Multiple ideas come to mind when I think of how, but the most prominent of these, especially with my upcoming Milanese adventure, is that of a portal to exchange scraps for sustainable clothing. Sustainable fashion was already the new fad, but with COVID 19 and the shift in consumer mindset, it’s here to stay.

Economies are rising to the ideas of sustenance and there is a shift in consumer buying from fast fashion (such as H&M) to sustainable fashion (such as H&M Conscious). Additionally, brands such as Amour Vert (translated as Green Love in French) are taking sustainable fashion to the mainstream and making it accessible and acceptable, all at once. So why not ride the wave and spill the benefits into the realm of the Dark Web. The channel is already famous for the sale of under-used mink, second-hand leather and more. Illegal fashion is selling through bidding in Bitcoin, and there’s clearly a market for it. So why not use the concept of a brand like Urban Outfitters for the scraps picked up from companies/people in exchange for Bitcoin and refurbish them for a premium to be sold again in the Dark Web.


Again, this can additionally be layered with versions for all – for the Vintage lover, for the hard-core Vegan, and perhaps even a version made of Marijuana waste for all that matters. We’re already moving an economy where crypto will be the choice of currency for all purchases, so might as well start the process now. Thoughts?